Toyana Rodamientos De Ruedas

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The wheel bearings in your car take a lot of abuse and, not surprisingly, why we get a lot of questions about wheel bearing noise and signs of bad bearings. But first thing’s first, what is a wheel bearing? A wheel bearing is a set of small steel balls which are held together in a metal ring called a race and help a wheel spin by reducing friction. Wheel bearings ride on a metal axle shaft and fits tightly inside the hub, a hollow piece of metal at the center of the wheel. The hub holds the lug bolts that you use to bolt the tire onto the wheel. Not only does a wheel bearing have to support the entire weight of your vehicle while it is traveling over rough roads, potholes and maybe the occasional curb, they also have to take the lateral forces of corners you take and have to do all that while allowing your wheel to spin at thousands of revolutions per minute.  Unlike your engine bearings, your wheel bearings don’t have a constant supply of oil lubricating and cooling them, they have to be self-sufficient and also be sealed tight enough to keep road dust and water out of them.

Toyana CX382 Rodamientos De Ruedas


Toyana CRF-30312 A Rodamientos De Ruedas

17 mm 1,1 mm
KOYO 35 mm

Toyana CX037L Rodamientos De Ruedas

50 mm 1,03 kg / Weight, ad
139 mm 150 mm

Toyana CX323 Rodamientos De Ruedas

240,000 240,000 mm
28,000 mm 28,000 mm

Toyana CRF-41.67828 Rodamientos De Ruedas

387 mm 420 mm
387 3 mm

Toyana CX112 Rodamientos De Ruedas

196 mm 85,4 mm
RCJO70 70 mm

Toyana CRF-33113 A Rodamientos De Ruedas

160 460
3,8 ° 135 mm

Toyana CX489 Rodamientos De Ruedas

54 mm 124
13,5 mm 54

Toyana CX321 Rodamientos De Ruedas

96,5 mm 20
40 20 mm

Toyana CX125 Rodamientos De Ruedas

38.1x52.388x25.4 Timken
52,388 52,388 mm

Toyana CX149 Rodamientos De Ruedas

28.575x62x36.51 48,4 mm
18,3 mm 16 mm

Toyana CX222 Rodamientos De Ruedas

18 mm CYSD
38,5 kN 140